The Pen Box by Luxie Gems

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The Pen Box by Luxie Gems

The Pen Box by Luxie Gems - This curated pen box contains 24, 3mm resin rhinestone colors. Each color compartment contains enough stones to complete one (1) standard honeycomb pen, with enough stones to spare - approx. 540 stones. 

Our Pen Box will make twenty four (24) complete gem pens in stunning colors! Each of our curated boxes is handmade in-house with love and care and in limited quantity available. 

The Pen Box Colors

1. Light Pink
2. Light Pink AB
3. Dark Pink
4. Light Rose
5. Dark Siam
6. Light Siam
7. Orange
8. Citrine
9. Champagne
10. Emerald
11. Light Peridot
12. Sapphire 
13. Light Sapphire
14. Capri
15. Aquamarine
16. Light Amethyst
17. Dark Amethyst
18. Black Diamond
19. Crystal
20. Crystal AB
21. White
22. Jet Black
23. Silver
24. Gold

    Note: Our recommended pen for these boxes is the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens.

    The Pen Box by Luxie Gems