The Bakery Box ♥ Build Your Custom Glass SS20 Rhinestone Box

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The Bakery Box ♥ Custom Glass SS20 Rhinestone Box

UPDATE 1: New Colors! Light Yellow Neon, Light Green Neon, Light Amethyst AB, Dusty Pink Luminous, White Luminous, Neon White.

UPDATE 2: New Colors! Coffee Luminous, Moonlight, Grey Mocha, Silver, Champagne Mocha, Purple Luminous, White Opal Luminous, Light Pink AB Transparent, Sky Luminous, Sky Opal Luminous, Heaven Light, Rose AB, Tanzanite Transparent, Emerald AB Transparent.

Make your own custom SS20 all Glass Bakery Box! You can choose from 5 different colors per box (or even 5 of the same colors)! The Bakery Box is perfect for honeycomb tumblers, honeycomb patterns, and really any rhinestone or mixed project - All custom picked by YOU! 

There are approx. five (5) gross of rhinestones per color in this all glass Bakery Box. This full box contains approximately 25 gross of glass rhinestones.

Choose 5 different colors or all 5 of the same color or mix and match to create your own custom box! Our boxes are made from high-quality, crystal-clear acrylic and are great for storing stones, stacking, and also make for an amazing gift!

Mix up your dream Bakery Box and watch it being made live on TikTok Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 2pm EST ♥

**All recipes must be ordered through the pull down menu. If you choose bakers choice and a recipe number your order will be held for invoicing any upgraded stones. **

Note: Please add 3 backup colors to your order in the text box area. Orders without a backup color if your colors do run out of stock at time of fulfillment will be chosen at random. Backup colors must of equal or lesser value to the stones you choose in your color options.

* Bakers Choice Color Option: Surprise! I get to pick out your color(s)! Choice from one color up to all 5 colors as Bakers Choice!