Pastel Easter Bunny Libby Glass Can Wrap Permanent Vinyl GC192

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**Luxie Exclusive Artwork**

Our vinyl is printed on high quality, paper backed permanent adhesive vinyl with Ecosolvent ink on a commercial printer. This ink is very durable, resistant to scratches, won't bleed and is waterproof. When applying our vinyl to a project, this vinyl and ink do not need to be sealed. You can opt to seal it for extra protection but with normal wear, it is not necessary.

Use our adhesive vinyl for epoxy tumblers, snowglobe tumblers or any other craft project!

To keep your vinyl in the best condition do not use any alcohol/acetone, oils (included essential oils) or harsh cleaning products on them.

These wraps are pre-sized to work with 16oz Libby Glass Cans. Other brands of glass cans might have slightly different measurements. If you are unsure you can measure your wrap on your cup with the paper backing still attached to see if you will get the desired look before placing down.

This wrap is un-weeded wrap, cup and transfer tape are not included.