Digital Project Color Card

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Need a quick reference guide for the color, size, and detail of your project? Look no further than the Project Color Cards! These double-sided cards have spaces on each side with all information you need. They make sure that even after making something you'll never have an issue remembering what colors went where or if I made adjustments or used special sizes on a certain part without having to search through old notes again. Great for reorders, remembering tips and tricks or lessons learned to reference back to.

Included information

A place to attach a rhinestone for color reference
Application (where the stones were used)
Amount (how many of each stone you used)

Project start date
Project end date
Estimated stone total (great for pricing your projects)
Glue used
Project number (great for reference or sku)
Notes section (perfect for tips, tricks, and a small pic of your finished project for visual reference)

Whether this is personal crafting time or business-related - these will help every crafter out big time!

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