Recipe Book - Bakery Box Color Combinations

Proposed Recipe

Need some inspiration for a Bakery Box or just a fresh color palette to use on your next project? Take a look at these pre-made recipes and get your Luxie Gems Bakery Box into the oven NOW!

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Luxie's Recipe Book - Bakery Box Ingredients

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Recipes Ingredients
GC (Cathy D.) Purple Velvet, Crystal, Pink Opal, White Opal, Dusty Pink Luminous
Mystery (Kathy S.) Black Diamond, Amber, Crystal, Crystal AB, Dusty Pink Luminous
Heavens Light (Shivonne M.) Heaven Light, Sky Luminous, Sky Opal Luminous, Mocha Grey, White Opal
Luscious Mix (Tracy R.) Dusty Pink Luminous, Purple Luminous, Sky Luminous, White Opal Luminous, Luminous White
Royal (by Nicole B.) Golden Champagne, Light Sapphire, Montana Blue, Mocha Champagne, Mocha Grey
Galaxy Girl (by Shivonne M.) Light Pink AB, Purple Velvet, Blue Opal, Northern Lights, Light Amethyst AB
Fall in a Box (by Shivonne M.) Amber, Dark Siam, Emerald, Golden Champagne, Fairytale Crystal
Unstoppable Pinky (by Brandy J.) Neon Light Pink, Neon Light Pink, Luminous White, Pink Mocha, Crystal
Pastel Goddess (by Klarissa) Neon Light Pink, Neon Light Purple, Neon White, Light Amethyst AB, Light Pink AB
Ice Palace (by Christa) Crystal, White Opal, Northern Lights, Luminous White, Neon White
Pink Palette (by Christa) Pink Opal, Light Pink AB, Light Pink, Pink Mocha, Purple Mocha
The Candy Cane Siam, Siam, Solid White, Solid White, Crystal
Fancy Christmas  Crystal, Siam, Emerald, Crystal AB, Golden Champagne
Your A Mean One Mr. Neon Green, Neon Red, Neon White, Neon Light Green, Jet Black
Ocean Opals (by Jherika)  Green Opal, Blue Opal, Northern Lights, Solid White, Light Sapphire
Recipe 1 (Spring/Lemonade) Crystal, Light Peridot, Light Pink, Citrine, Neon White
Recipe 2 Rose, Light Pink, Crystal AB, Crystal, Violet
Recipe 3 (Winter Blues) Light Sapphire, Sapphire, Luminous White, Crystal, Golden Champagne
Recipe 4 Light Pink, Violet, Neon Light Pink, Peacock Mocha, Purple Mocha
Recipe 5 (Glass Slipper) Crystal, Blue Opal, Solid White, Fairytale Crystal, Jet Black
Recipe 6 (Under the Sea) Blue Zircon, Siam, Crystal, White Opal, Solid Yellow
Recipe 7  Aqua, Orange, Rose, Crystal, Champagne
Recipe 8 Capri Blue, Citrine, White Opal, Orange, Peacock Mocha
Recipe 9 (Fall) Amber, Golden Champagne, Champagne, White Opal, Light Amethyst AB
Recipe 10 (Pink Luxury) Light Pink, Golden Champagne, White Opal, Crystal, Solid White
Recipe 11 (Whole New World) Blue Zircon, Golden Champagne, Aqua AB, Northern Lights, Jet Black
Recipe 12 (Christmas) Light Siam, Emerald, Crystal AB, Golden Champagne, Luminous White
Recipe 13 (Pink Christmas) Light Pink, Light Pink AB, Golden Champagne, Solid White, Neon White
Recipe 14 (Shades Of Black) CZ Gray, Black Diamond, Jet Black, Crystal, Neon White
Recipe 15  Blue Hematite, Aqua AB, Blue Zircon, Green Opal, Capri Blue
Recipe 16 (Ocean) Golden Champagne, White Opal, Aqua AB, Light Sapphire, Sapphire
Recipe 17 (Tropical) Champagne, Green Opal, Blue Zircon, White Opal, Crystal
Recipe 18 Fairytale Crystal, Light Amethyst, Dark Amethyst, Golden Champagne, Northern Lights
Recipe 19 Purple Hematite, Northern Lights, Tanzanite, Purple Velvet, Violet
Recipe 20 Light Amethyst AB, CZ Gray, Northern Lights, Tanzanite, Purple Velvet
Recipe 21 (Neon Night) Jet Black, Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow
Recipe 22 (Shades Of White) White Opal, Crystal, Luminous White, Neon White, Solid White
Recipe 23  Emerald, Pink Mocha, Pink Opal, Purple Mocha, Peacock Mocha
Recipe 24 (Burner Phone v2) Neon Pink, Crystal AB, Crystal, Neon Yellow, Solid White
Recipe 25 Neon White, Northern Lights, Capri Blue, Light Sapphire, Golden Champagne
Recipe 26 Fairytale Crystal, Montana Blue, Solid White, Golden Champagne, Light Sapphire
Recipe 27 Champagne, Sapphire, Jet Black, Crystal, Light Sapphire
Recipe 28 Fairytale Crystal, Golden Champagne, Light Amethyst, Dark Amethyst, Northern Lights
Recipe 29 Golden Champagne, White Opal, Pink Opal, Crystal, Aqua
Recipe 30 Dusty Pink Luminous, Neon Light Pink, Crystal, Pink Mocha, Luminous White