LuxieGems GemEstimator

Use this calculator to estimate your rhinestone counts. You can measure your project and then input your length and width into the estimator. After getting an estimate, purchase the required amount of rhinestones from our shop.


  1x Gross = 144 Rhinestones
  Our Bags (typically) = 10x Gross = 1,440 Rhinestones 

    Decide on your type of pattern that you would like your project to be: 

    Grid Pattern: Stones are arranged in row pattern. the pattern does have some gaps in the coverage, but requires the least amount of stones. However, if gaps are larger in some areas these gaps will need to be filled with smaller stones.

    Honeycomb Pattern: Also called interlaced pattern, this pattern will be the most tightly packed pattern and minimizes gaps. It is usually made of one size stone. It will also require the most amount of rhinestones. 

    3) When you have the number of bags for your project, you can shop for your Luxie Gems rhinestones here:

      Glass Rhinestones

      Resin Rhinestones

      Jelly Rhinestones