About Luxie Gems
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Luxie Gems is a company that started with the idea that everyone has immense potential and creativity within. Luxie Gems brings together high-quality rhinestones, tools, accessories and one of a kind items to create fun products for people who want to express their individuality through sparkle.

The goal of Luxie Gems is to help people unleash their inner creative spirit by providing them with the materials they need to make anything from rhinestone tumblers, bling sneakers, nails art, fashion jewelry or even just adding some extra sparkle wherever you go.

We have 100's of high-quality rhinestones, tools and accessories, and artfully inspired innovative products that are at the heart of our sparkly community. With us you can unleash your creativity. 

Founded in 2020, Luxie Gems has become the go-to supplier for high quality, reasonably priced and consistent flatback rhinestones that are used by thousands of people across the world to complete their projects.

We help crafters and small businesses offer more rhinestone colors and sizes to complete projects for a reasonable price, we got you covered.