Spinner Charms

Our spinner charms use a base ball bearing spinner mechanism: Spinner Base

luxie spinnerWhat is a Luxie Spinner?

Luxie Spinners are super unique add-on options that you can put on any project! Our spinners feature micro, super smooth bearings that allow any of our charms to spin and twirl! 

Simply buy the Spinner Base and your spinner charms of choice and you have everything you need. You simply glue or epoxy the charm to the spinner then glue or epoxy the base spinner down to your project for some twirling, fidget spinning magic! Our spinners are tall enough to glide smoothly over up to ss20 rhinestones with no problem. 

Additionally, you can add our super mini, super strong neodymium magnet pair that you can also add either to just the spinner charms, or in combo with our base spinner and then the charms for easy detachment! Want more information about how it works? Check out this tutorial video we made "How To Make A Spinning Charm." Glue I use for my projects: Supertite Ninja SuperGrip

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